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Hospitalist Management Solutions


  • VEP Healthcare
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  • Phone: 925-225-5837

VEP is the gold standard in the new Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Hospital.
John Fisher, MD

Chief Medical Officer, MLK, Jr. Community Hospital

VEP attracts quality providers and offers ongoing education

  • A democratic, provider-owned culture
  • Competitive compensation and benefits package, with quality incentives
  • Bonuses for highly productive providers
  • Ownership in the company
  • Annual performance evaluations and continual mentoring
  • VEP Leadership Academy offers training to providers interested in leadership roles

VEP understands your community

  • Close collaborations with community physicians
  • Opportunities for community physicians to join VEP as owners
  • Experience serving a variety of hospitals in diverse settings
  • Innovative processes are easily implemented to optimize the quality of patient care

VEP helps you overcome challenges

  • VEP works with hospital leadership and medical staff to understand challenges and discover
    better solutions
  • Opportunities for community physicians to join VEP as owners
  • VEP helps improve outcomes, reduce costs, and improve patient satisfaction
  • VEP initiatives help positively impact your hospital’s Value-Based Purchasing metrics
The key to effective, efficient hospitalist management: VEP

For more information on VEP hospitalist management, contact Dr. Tarannum Guller, Vice President of Hospitalist Division: (925) 482-2813 or tguller@vephealthcare.com

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