We are proud to announce that our partner, Hutchinson Regional Medical Center (HRMC), recently completed the VEP Healthcare VEPeds Program and has been certified “Kid-Qualified.” This honor recognizes comprehensive pediatric services that have rigorous quality and safety measures specifically for children.

“Kid-Qualified” is a unique certification from VEP which declares that a hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) has met national and state “Guidelines for Care of Children in the ED.” The certification also designates compliance with the site-specific recommendations of the internationally known VEP Director of Pediatrics, Ron Dieckmann, MD, including implementation of “ouchless” techniques to reduce the pain of needlesticks and IV insertions for children.

VEP’s hospital partners can announce to their communities that they are “Kid-Qualified” to make as many families as possible aware of the high-quality pediatric care accessible locally.

A rigorous designation process

The “Kid-Qualified” designation was granted to HRMC following a rigorous confirmation process, including an onsite visit to the hospital’s ED.

States VEPeds team leader Dr. Dieckmann, “The designation signifies a high level of compliance by the Hutchinson Regional Emergency Department with national and organizational guidelines for care of children.”

Dr. Bryan Henderson, MD, HRMC/VEP Emergency Medical Director, is helping to lead the establishment of additional innovations for treating children in the HRMC ED, including a rapid method of pain relief for patients with painful conditions such as burns, fractures, and bad cuts.

“The HRMC ED staff members are now trained to administer potent pain medication using a small device that delivers a gentle mist of drug into the nose, instead of using an injection needle,” Henderson said. “Since pain is the most common reason for parents seeking treatment of children in Emergency Departments, this new procedure will enhance care.”

Created to benefit kids…and hospitals

Frequently, children do not receive adequate emergency care. The smaller the patient, the more likely the child will not get sufficient pain relief, adequate physical evaluation, or early diagnosis.

Most general ED physicians are more
clinically confident with adults than with kids, and some need to augment their skill sets for pediatric diagnosis and treatment.

A major consensus document, endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians and 22 other national groups, recently set out guidelines for the care of children in general EDs. VEP is committed to helping all partner hospitals fully comply with these national guidelines and has created the VEPeds team to conduct assessments and assist with implementation of recommendations for improvement.

VEPeds brings resources, education, training, and operational assistance to each ED assessment. Dr. Dieckmann and other VEPeds team members work directly with each partner hospital’s ED Director, ED Nurse Manager, pediatric staff, hospital administration, and the entire ED team to execute an assisted self-improvement project over a 12-month period.

The result: VEPeds helps hospitals comply with current national standards for emergency pediatrics, and motivates the entire staff to raise their standard of emergency care for kids.

To see what VEP can do to help ensure your ED is kid-certified, please contact Mitesh Patel, MD, at mpatel@vephealthcare.com.

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