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We care deeply about our patients, our clinical providers, and the hospitals we serve. Patients may not remember all that you tell them, but they never forget how you make them feel.


VEP Healthcare manages emergency and hospitalist services in over 30 hospitals nationwide. Created in 1981, the medical group is democratic and owned solely by our practicing physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and office personnel. VEP Healthcare’s corporate headquarters are located in Concord, California.

Quality Medical Care

At VEP, we dedicate substantial resources to ensure our patients receive the highest quality medical care. In every emergency department, performance in dozens of key metrics are comprehensively monitored to help identify opportunities for greater efficiency, increased patient satisfaction, and better value for partner hospitals. The efficacy of VEP’s quality program is evidenced by a malpractice claim rate that is far below the national average.

VEP Healthcare’s quality management team can help you evaluate opportunities for increasing quality in your hospital. Contact Us to schedule a free consultation.

Patient Satisfaction

Because every patient is treated with expertise, efficiency, and compassion, VEP Healthcare receives consistently high patient satisfaction scores. All Medical Directors receive training and monitoring to ensure patient satisfaction success in every VEP emergency department. Accountability and education are also provided by our Manager of Patient Experience, Patrick Pianezza. To read an article about improving your scores, click here.

VEP’s Patient Satisfaction Management Team can provide an evaluation and recommendations for your hospital at no cost. Please Contact Us today to schedule a meeting.


The changing landscape of healthcare reimbursement and legislation requires strategic thinking and innovation to reduce costs and improve revenue without sacrificing quality or satisfaction.

VEP’s Rapid Patient Management (RPM) program and innovative throughput strategies have resulted in significant improvements for many of our hospitals. Click here to read about one hospital’s experience.

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